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1. Profiles - Please create an entry in a journal that is located on a website such as LiveJournal or GreatestJournal to post your profile in. It only needs to be temporary. If you'd like to post it in the journal you wish to use in this game, that's cool too. Reply to the profile outline/application with a comment linking to your profile, wherever you've posted it. We will read over and approve it for you. Yay.

2. JOURNALS - Since there's no internet in the OZ (that I'm aware of) we'll be making a journal for each character, but not communicating through them. They will be for the character to leave their thoughts in only.

3. Do not play another member's characters unless given permission by them or a moderator. That includes family members of their character(s), and pets, etc. Do not make them speak, move, think or do anything.

4. Keep fighting off of the community! If you wish to bring up an issue with a mod, do so through IM or e-mail. If you wish to attack another member, please don't! Tell me the problem and I'll help to straighten it out.

5. Grammar. We are not high and mighty here. But, this is probably the most important rule, a-thank-you. If you do not spell correctly, that's fine. We all have typos on occasion, you will find out. If we can tell it hasn't been spell-checked, however, we'll complain. If you don't know how to spell, you should type it up in Microsoft Word or not be playing at all. Punctuation and correct capitalization are also highly smiled upon.

6. Please don't use one liners. Please, please, please. I beg of you.

7. If it can be accomplished, and I've seen it done elsewhere, we can fluff, angst, drama, and hi-jinx to our hearts' content... and at the same time avoid Mary-Sueism. That's right. Just don't be a Mary-Sue, no Marty-Stu's, either, and we can have loads of fun. I like to swear and run about like an idiot just the same as the next guy (or gal), but let's avoid the cliche, folks.

8. Characters - you can play as many as you can manage. It is encouraged to play more than one, so go ahead if you would like. As for 'played bys' or 'character pictures', you can use singers, actors, models, etc, but check the 'PB' list before choosing one. They may already be taken.

9. Please make sure to join community, and not just friend it. To join, in the userinfo of the community at the top, there is a link that says "to join, click here".

10. POSTING ETIQUETTE - When posting in a thread, please be courteous and wait until others in the thread that are involved have posted before you continue to reply. You can post an OOC reply and ask if you can carry on, or IM/e-mail the missing party. If someone is keeping a thread from moving, however, you should contact them and encourage them to post their reply if they haven't given any warning or heads up that they will not be able to post. Each of your characters will only be allowed two active threads at a time. This can be a combination of two back-dated threads, two current-time threads or one of each, but only two. You can always give them journal entries or do a one-shot (this means no comments) entry (also called a 'threadlet'). To post a new thread, see below:

Who: Character names.
What: What they're doing / going to do.
When: We'll be using the dates for the year of 2007, but that is not the year in the OZ.
Status: in progress / complete
Rating: (G-R)

11. This isn't a rule, but please, if you would like to - introduce yourself and tell us a little about you/your character.

Thanks! All for now. As I said before - any problems, e-mail here:
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