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What's the time frame for this game?
• We will be starting IC posts set a few months after the series ended. However, backdated threads can be written and posted if the players find it necessary to tell part of their character's story that happened during the gap.

Did the 'Wonderful Wizard of Oz' story happen?
• Yes, but apparently 500 years ago. My best guess is time between the OZ and the Other Realm is similar to the relationship between our world and Narnia. There are a few holes in that theory, however. There are many, many tombs within the mausoleum where Dorothy is kept, and she was apparently the first one buried in that place. So, the '500 years ago' idea within Tin Man works, so far. But, from the 1930s when Dorothy is apparently visiting the OZ to the 2000's when DG reappears in the Outer Zone is only 70 or 80 years at most. That means 500 years pass in OZ time, but only 70 pass in the Other Realm. Either there's a serious plothole, or the scenes we witnessed with DG at her home in Kansas/Nebraska took place in the year 2450-ish. So, for our purposes, we'll say they did take place mid-millennium. La! THIS IS TIN MAN'S UNIVERSE, WITH WICKED ELEMENTS, AND PIECES FROM THE ORIGINAL OZ BOOKS.

So, death in the OZ?
• In the OZ, original inhabitants (of all races and walks of life) do not die of old age or disease. They can be killed by accident or murder - but only in extreme cases do they actually die. Dismemberment or magic are most likely the two most possible causes of death to true OZians. Those from the Other Realm are not so lucky. Should they, however, produce children with an OZian the children would attain the attributes of their Outer Zone parent. Tin Man displayed contradictory pieces of fact - Wyatt Cain was able to live for years in a metal suit without food or water, but was 'saved of hypothermia' - he did, however, show incredible resilience to the icy waters. So, perhaps it was an error in written dialogue?

Can Animals speak to humans?
• Most true Outer Zone Animal species can communicate verbally with humans. Some blessed animals from the Other Realm will display the ability upon arrival in the OZ.

Why is Dorothy's line royal in the OZ?
• When Ozma's line failed, a descendant of Dorothy Gale, the OZ's most cherished ally was crowned ruler, which was passable, as by that time, the crowned leader was a fair percent OZian, with little remaining Outer Realm blood. The mausoleum where Dorothy is kept was created by request of the final Ozma, as a thank-you for the acceptance of Dorothy's line's willingness to receive the crown.

What about education?
• There is always homeschooling, though a good many young people are educated in local schools in their specific regions. Some lucky souls have the honor of attending Shiz University (located in Central City) once they are of age (18 annuals), among other qualifications.

Are there different races?
• There are - from the beginning, just like the Other Realm, there were specific races in specific areas of the OZ. Now, however, many races have intermingled, and traveled to other parts of the OZ. The cultural hub is Central City. Still, people claim the ethnicity of whatever county their family originated in (if not two or more races). The county/race/culture break down is explained below, listed under each area's name.

Who is a witch and who is a wizard and how does magic work in the OZ?
• Magic can be learned as well as inherited. Witches and wizards were once thought of as their own race of beings, but now they've interbred with regular OZians and many individuals can harness magic - though not all are successful or powerful. There are potions and items that can enhance magical abilities, including many stones and powders (such as the Powder of Life, originally created by Mombi, which can be used to bring inanimate objects to life).

Have a question?
• Ask below! :)

The Land of Oz (or Outer Zone)
Central City | Emerald City

MAP 1 | MAP 2

Gillikin Country (The Gillikin)
RACES IN THE GILLIKIN: This country of Oz is predominantly (what we could consider) Caucasian. Depending on the area of origin, though, an individual may or may not have the traditional Gillikin golden locks and pale skin. Many descendants of Dorothy Gale's line have very thick, dark hair, and have spread across Gillikin country, some unaware of their ancestry.
The Gillikin country is portrayed as more prosperous and industrially developed than other regions of Oz, and home of the Royal Palace (there is a separate location located in Central City where the family stays on occasion as well). It is distinguished by the color purple worn by most of the local inhabitants as well as the color of their surroundings. Galinda hails from Gillikin, as do (according to some) the ruling Ozma family. Gillikinese people are distinguishable by their prominent foreheads and slightly gapped front teeth. They often have heads of curling blond hair, and are believed to be temperamental by non-Gillikinese. This is the land of the Mobats origin, as well.

Munchkin Country (Munchkinland)
RACES IN MUNCHKINLAND: People of all races, with predominantly minimal height reside here. However, there are several communities of people within this country who are of average heights.
Some people are not all Munchkins, and so they are actually called Munchkinlanders. Munchkinland is the cornbasket of Oz. Munchkin Country is distinguished by the color blue, which is worn by most of the Munchkins as well as the color of their surroundings. Munchkinland is also shown to be the native home of Elphaba (or the Wicked Witch of the West, who was ultimately destroyed by Dorothy and her line [DG/Azkadellia]) and her younger sister Nessarose. Nessarose eventually comes to power, but her corrupt rule earns her loathing by the Munchkinlanders and the name "Wicked Witch of the East."

Quadling Country
RACES IN QUADLING COUNTRY: Viewers (such as Raw) call the Quad their home. Other races include darker-skinned groups (similar to Cajun/Creole and Arabic can be found here as well).
Quadling Country is portrayed as a largely undeveloped, swampy region. The ruddy-faced Quadlings are portrayed as artistic and sexually free. It is distinguished by the color red, worn by most of the local inhabitants as well as the color of their surroundings.

Winkie Country (The Vinkus)
RACES IN THE VINKUS: For the most part, the Vinkus houses tribal groups of what would be considered African and Native American peoples. There are also many Arabic (south) and Asian (north) people from the Vinkus as well.
This area is called the Vinkus, and it is revealed that "Winkie" is considered a derogatory term. It is distinguished by the color yellow which is worn by most of the local inhabitants as well as the color of their surroundings. The Vinkus is inhabited by several semi-nomadic tribes, including the Scrow, the Yunamata, and the Arjiki. Fiyero is a Prince of the Arjikis, and the Wicked Witch's castle is actually Fiyero's ancestral home - the hub of Arjiki culture.

Wikipedia's Oz Portal
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